Portuguese: Vocês estão convidados para participar do Workshop para Evangelizadores e Palestrantes promovido pela Federação Espírita da Florida no Centro Espirita Love & Wisdom of Lago com o seguinte programa: • As portas abrem @ 8:30am• Workshop | Evangelizadores 9:00am – 12:30pm• Almoço | 12:30pm – 2:00pm• Workshop | Palestrante 2:00pm – 5:00pm. •• Participem! […]


Join us this upcoming Sunday for a live presentation – Reincarnation will be our topic. With @andreia.marshall.netto | 6:00pm (eastern time). #spiritism #spiritism #reincarnation #immortality

Hurricane Ian tore through our state

Hurricane Ian tore through our state in such a way that one can say it has changed the uniqueness of a very significant part of Florida. We are looking at more than days or weeks ahead of rebuild; it’s going to require years of effort, to be able to come back from this major disaster. […]

This Sunday

In Spanish & in English – this Sunday , don’t miss our program. This Sunday, don’t miss our program.


Tonight 8pm (eastern time) Join us as we reflect upon “Passes”. Via Facebook and YouTube (live).

Conference of Florida

We can hardly wait or believe it! After three years, we welcome you to join us for our 12th Spiritist Federation of Florida Conference: Finding Meaning in Times of Uncertainty! Register and don’t miss out!

Jesus in our Days

This Sunday at 11am (eastern time)Join us as we reflect upon “Jesus in our Days”. Via Facebook and YouTube (live).


SPANISH: Reincarnation with Carlos Campetti |Ideas about reincarnation have been present in our lives for millennia. Carlos Campetti visits us again with this talk aimed at all those interested in finding out a little more about reincarnation. LIVE via Facebook/YouTube. Join in.

It is indispensable that Spiritism

be maintained exactly as it was conveyed to Allan Kardec by the Divine Messengers, that is, without political compromises, without religious professionalism, without degrading personalisms, and without burning desires of conquest of fleeting earthly powers. Respect for all creatures, regard for all authorities, and devotion to the common good, as well as instruction for the […]