SPANISH: Reincarnation with Carlos Campetti |Ideas about reincarnation have been present in our lives for millennia. Carlos Campetti visits us again with this talk aimed at all those interested in finding out a little more about reincarnation. LIVE via Facebook/YouTube. Join in.

It is indispensable that Spiritism

be maintained exactly as it was conveyed to Allan Kardec by the Divine Messengers, that is, without political compromises, without religious professionalism, without degrading personalisms, and without burning desires of conquest of fleeting earthly powers. Respect for all creatures, regard for all authorities, and devotion to the common good, as well as instruction for the […]

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Now you can download the basic books on Spiritism for free: 1. What is Spiritism? 2. The Spirits’ Book 3. The Gospel According to Spiritism 4. The Mediums’ Book 5. Genesis 6. Heaven and Hell. Download now.