The 12th Spiritist Federation of Florida Conference

March 18th and 19th, 2023.

Kovens Conference Center

3000 Northeast 151st Street

North Miami, FL 33181 United States



Opening / Raul Teixeira

Module Making Sense of...

Loss of Loved Ones with Alberto Almeida

Loneliness, Void and Mental Anguish with Miriam Dusi

Signs of The Time with Cristiane Beira

Break / Book Sign

Special Announcements

Radical Forgiveness with Divaldo Franco


Opening / Youth Artistic Moment

Module Finding Meaning in…

From Selfish to Selfless: Our Journey Towards Perfection with Alberto Almeida

Family Life: Why it Matters with Miriam Dusi

Life: the Gift with Cristiane Beira

Break / Book Sign

Reconciliation: Love for one’s neighbor with Divaldo Franco

Useful Information