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What is Spiritism?

This booklet of only a hundred pages or so presents a summary of the principles of the Spiritist Doctrine, a general overview that enables one to see the whole in a condensed picture. In only a few words, one can ascertain its objective and judge its scope. Furthermore, it presents the principal questions or objections that newcomers are usually inclined to raise. Such an initial reading, which requires but little time, is an introduction that will facilitate a more in-depth study.

The Spirits’ Book

This book contains the complete Doctrine as dictated by the Spirits themselves, and contains their entire philosophy and all its moral implications. It reveals humankind’s destiny and provides an initiation into the understanding of the nature of spirits and the mysteries of life beyond the grave. By reading it, one comprehends that Spiritism has a serious objective and that it is not a frivolous pastime.

The Gospel According to Spiritism

The Gospel according to Spiritism is the third of the five books that comprise the Spiritist Codification – a compilation of teachings transmitted by high order spirits (the Spirits) and organized and commented on by Allan Kardec.

The Mediums’ Book

This book is intended to guide those who wish to become involved with the manifestations, and provides an understanding of the most appropriate means for communicating with spirits. It is a guide for both mediums and evokers, and supplements The Spirits’ Book.


It is divided into three parts: In the first part, it analyzes the origin of planet Earth, in a coherent way, avoiding mysterious and magical interpretations about the creation of the world; In its second part, it addresses the issue of miracles, explaining the nature of fluids and the extraordinary facts contained in the Gospel; The third part focuses on the predictions of the Gospel, the signs of the times and the new generation, which will mark a new time on Earth with the practice of justice, peace and brotherhood. The subjects presented in the eighteen chapters of this work are based on the immutability of the great Divine Laws.

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell is the fourth of the five basic works that make up the Spiritist Codification. Its main purpose is to explain God’s Justice from the point of view of the Spiritist Doctrine. It is aimed at demonstrating the immortality of the soul and its situation in the spirit world as a consequence of its own acts.