Hurricane Ian tore through our state

Hurricane Ian tore through our state in such a way that one can say it has changed the uniqueness of a very significant part of Florida. We are looking at more than days or weeks ahead of rebuild; it’s going to require years of effort, to be able to come back from this major disaster.

Our hearts are heavy with all of the images , and feedback from friends who reside in Fort Myers. We are heartbroken for the thousands who lost their homes, personal belongings and even faith at this time. There is doubt, despair and even disbelief with what they ensured during Ian, and what is still to come.

We are called to exercise our duty of love for our neighbors more than ever at this time.

“Duty is an individual’s moral obligation, first toward him or herself and toward others immediately thereafter.” The Gospel According to Spiritism.

We will be mobilizing all possible efforts to assist our brothers and sisters in this situation, and urge all of you to do the same.

There are many ways we can do this; pray, physically help where and when possible, donate directly to victims affected or to organizations such as Red Cross, or the Florida Disaster Fund which is an official private fund that provides financial assistance to cities across the state during emergencies and disasters such as this one.

How to avoid charity scams
* Determine whether the organization, nonprofit or group has a proven track record of delivering aid to those in need.
* Identify local initiatives and efforts that are based within the areas most affected by the natural disaster.
* Beware of phone calls and emails soliciting donations.
* Avoid unfamiliar agencies and websites. There is a history of scammers creating websites that look like donation pages after a major tragedy, but in reality were scams.

May God bless the rescue workers, the countless good samaritans and all those who have been directly affected by this hurricane.